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Re: Denied for Chase Freedom..advice please!

1. Get an authorized user account if you can (someone puts you on their credit card giving you 100% of their credit history off that card) your not liable for the bill, but you can get YEARS of credit history. Just explain they don't have to give you the card, if they don't give you the card it's zero liablity for them and nothing to lose on their end. only thing that could happen is they drive the balances really high screwing up your credit to debt ratio, but if a responsible person adds you it shouldn't be a problem.


2. Get a Walmart card to track your Fico08 TU fico score, then get a secured credit card from  DCU  to get your free FICO04 EQ score. Then get one PSECU if you live in PA for your Fico04 Experian score.    then get one with your current bank or credit union if possible. That should be more than enough to start you off.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758