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Re: Nordstrom Credit Card (they need to confirm identity?)

Wow, what an ordeal.  My experience was somewhat similar to yours.  I submitted an online application last Friday and received the 7-10 day message.  Immediatelly called and was told they could not issue me a store or Visa Signature card at this time.  Sounded like a straight denial, then the CSR continued and told me to mail in a copy of my ID and a utility/bank statement or I could present them at the store, which I did.  My local store faxed my information in.  They dispatched me with a message it would take them 24-48 hours to process my ID verification.  This Monday I called to check my application and I was told they had approved me for a Visa Signature, then I received an alert the following morning that they had pulled EQ and TU on Monday!


So, moral of the story is that, yes, it is easier if you just apply in person to avoid having to being told to do an ID verification and potentially save on additional inquiries.