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Re: American Express App Spree all Approved!
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shakalaka wrote:

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Amex limits you to four personal revolving credit cards.  Charge cards and biz cards are not counted.

Ah good to know. Thanks

Good to know, but what I still do not understand, how one could need more then one charge card? Okay maybe two. But I love my Zync and the only addition for me would be a Plat (for I travel a lot internationally and could make great use of the rewards). Gold and Green have no value for me in rewards compared to the great credit cards out there.


I imagine some people have the prg to accrue mr points faster (3x airfare, 2x gas and groceries) and the plat for travel benefits. If you have either a plat or a prg, then both the green and gold seem kind of redundant to me.


I could also see another scenario where someone might have a zync (which accrues mre points) and another charge card so that the mre points earned on the zync could be converted to mr points

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