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Re: How to use your walmart card to get CLI ?

pat0812 wrote:



I got my walmart card 2 months ago with a $400 limit

My first statement cycle closed 2 days after i got my card so i got a $0 balance and no statement

In my second cycle, i used the card once for $59 and PIF after i got the statement, and $59 was reported to all agencies.


Last week i called underwriting to give it a try for CLI, and told them i want to buy some electronics with the 18 no interest rate and we are in the holiday season....

anyway i obviously got denied


Now my question is: How much should i use my card every month to get the best chances for a CLI in the future ?


                                      When will i hit the 4 months ? After my 4th or 5th statement ? because the first month i didn't use the card (only 2 days in the statement cycle )

                                     Does that month counts in my case or not ?


Please advice me from personal experience


GE gives CLI auto usually between 2-4 months, but possibly 6... you should start requesting after 4 but maybe 6 if you don't get an auto.

GE likes TONS OF USE!!!! 

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