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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012
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I got another SW today, and my EQ score has gone up 5 points! I'm now at 722, which is only 1 point shy of where I was before my recent app spree. Smiley Happy


This latest boost was from my BoA Visa Signature card "settling" into my garden. Since it's a BoA siggy card, the $5000 CL doesn't report, only the high balance. I had charged and paid off a little over $300 before the very first statement cut, but there was an additional last minute ~$200 charge came through and there was no time to get it paid before the statement cut. So, the card must have been weighted in as being close to maxed out -- yuck! Well, this past month I got my high balance up to $1216 and once again closed out the statement with another charge of around $200. Now the card doesn't look maxed out, so I got a score boost! Next month I'll try to see if I can close out the statement with a $0 balance, and at some point I should be able to up my high balance. But for now, I'm much happier with the way that my siggy card is reporting.


All in all, my little seedlings are settling into my garden very nicely! Now that I've had a couple of statement cycles pass, I have more control over issues relating to the timing of util reporting. Glad see my scores on the rise! Smiley Happy

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