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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Revelate wrote:

Still gardening, Beacon 5.0 score has flatlined at 643 for the past few months, ah well.  Looking back at my plan with more experience, I think I should've applied for a CLI-chaser card (GE-backed something or other) to have something more short-term than the theoretical mortgage to look forward to from a credit building perspective.


I suppose it could be worse as at least I am barely over the minimum mortgage underwriting hurdle with that score Smiley Wink.


Trying to build some measuring sticks in the rest of my life other than my finances, hopefully that'll keep me on track towards my goals.


Stick with it Revelate!  It sure does seem like you've come a long way in less than 12 months.  So imagine what will happen as time continues to take effect.  Inquiries falling off, baddies falling off, AAoA increasing, etc. will all bring you to the level you need for that desired mortgage.  Congrats on all the progress, and keep your head held high.  

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