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Re: PenFed CLI strategy
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As posters above stated,  please reconsider closing already well established lines in hopes of a CLI from PenFed.   PenFed is great, but very conservative with granting credit, new or CLI's.    They really don't care how many accounts you have or the amounts if they're in line with your income and you have a good history and handle it all well.  It won't impress them to close anything (by lowering your available credit that is).


You only really have to worry about PenFed thinking you're pyramiding if you apply for too many more account before you estabish a relationship with them.  So you're kind of in auto-garden mode now Smiley LOL


[EDIT]:  You kind of have some of the biggest and best there are now, so I can't see you doing anything but gardening for at least 6 months.  PenFed will probably auto CLI you later without you asking or you'll see an offer on your account page down the road.   You're actually kind of golden right now Smiley Very Happy  Other than you might want to figure out a good usage rotation to keep everyone happy Smiley Happy