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Re: Question about closed credit card
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tylaw13 wrote:

Hey everybody im helping my sister out who has not been so responsible with her credit. First off she has 2 cards 1 Comerica Bank card with a 2k CL and a Gap visa with a 2k CL.


Lets start with the Comerica Card. As of her september statement she owed $1,783.42 and the card was open. Up to september shes been late every payment since January and hasnt been making the minimum payment but she was making some payments. October comes and she pays the minimum payment of $355 which brings her balance down to $1,334.25 and new minimum payment to $56. Well she got her statement for October and says "Your account has been closed to further use of credit. If you still have cards in your possession, please cut them in half and return them to us."


I am focusing on the Comerica Card for now but basically the same situation with the GAP card. I want her to keep both but they both say closed.


My question is has anybody ever had a deliquent account re-opened after paying it? or is this a lost cause and im wasting my time trying to get these re-opened for her? I emailed the CEO of Comerica bank on my sisters behalf. we will see what happens with that. I just want some advice from you guys.

Did the bank notice about the closed account actually say this? Unheard of!


I don't see the bank opening her card back up. If she has been making late payments or not paying the minimum at all, she's been really hurting her credit and her chances of ever banking with the company again. If there are no charges on the Gap card, I'd get rid of it. Don't close the account but get rid of the card to avoid the temptation of using it. Focus on getting that Comerica card down! If she is having problems making payments, she needs to make contact with the bank to set up a payment plan and/or see if they will lower the APR.


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