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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

well, i stepped out today. CLI'd my BOA from 3K to 6K today via luv button, instantly. I last asked for an increase on july 7th, from 1.2K to 3K. A Bit surprised it was an instant decision online since that makes it my highest limit now, and ive opened a couple accounts that are only about to turn 3 months in november, and not even 4 months between increases.


Originally i was going to wait until jan or feb 2013 but i know eventually i want to go for that US Bank Cash+, and i probably won't have the profile get approved for it within the next 6-9 months, escpecially without many 5K lines. so i might as well take the inquiry on TU-least likely to be pulled for me anyways-so i dont have too much activity going on within 6 months of apping for the Cash+.


I still plan on going for an AMEX revolver early next year though, MY only thing is what to do about Discover.  I passed 6 months and 6 statements in september, but they wanted to HP without a counter offer(trying for 3K increase, 2K increase, 1.5K increase) but i was dead set on staying inq free at least until january. Last attempt was a few weeks ago in this month. I think will wait a bit for the BOA cli to report, then ill try with discover once more, hoping they will match the paypal now that its only my 3rd highest. I think discover will pull TU too-if so then i will not be too broken up about taking another inq.


EIther way, besides the AMEX, I wont be chasing any new cards before springtime-thats something i know i can stick to. and with the 61-day soft pull cli, i think i can position myself for the cash+ better, so even if i only get approved the regular us bank cash rewards, i should have a credit limit high enough that i wont need a big CLI to PC to the cash+ later on.

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