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Re: Best way to make a "cash only" purchase with a credit card?

Autumnslight wrote:

Honestly, it's more about being able to float the balance at 0% for a couple of months. The rewards are just a bonus.

if it's for a "couple" months the intrests are very minimal


Even at 29% interest rate  on $1,000 your paying $24 intrest a month (2.42% monthly intrest)


That's assuming your credit card got a default rate due to a missed payment history. Most people should be paying less than $20 in intrest a month, especially if you qualified for a rewards card you should be alright. of course points are huge bonuses. but if you want to charge it on your card, get a serve card, transfer the funds to serve, and take it out yourself and then spend the $1,000 in cash. This way the amount is all on your credit card, I think serve is waiving all the credit card transfer costs til march.

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