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Re: I know how to get FREE CASH (no interest/fees) on Discover!

afjock21 wrote:

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
LOL I already knew about this ;-) and the walmart discover one. Hahaha. These would likely send up red flags to the creditor though! Be careful!

I guess Discover would see that I'm accepting cash.. maybe no... I don't know, but I would HOPE that this wouldn't send up 'red flags' or else that is simply ridiculous. Next thing I know I got a package in the mail saying 'Sorry your credit line has been reduced' wowww I would definitely need to get some air...

I did it once at Walmart because I needed $20 in cash and didn't feel like stopping at the bank. On my statement, it showed my Walmart purchase and the cash-over seperately, so they definitely know you're doing it.


As long as you don't abuse it, I'm sure they won't mind. But if you start doing it regularly and especially if you start carrying balances while doing it, that could signal to them that you might be going through some financial difficulty which could cause some AA.

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