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Re: I know how to get FREE CASH (no interest/fees) on Discover!

afjock21 wrote:

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
I have only used the Cash options when:
A. No extra charges
B. Saves me a trip to the atm
C. I pif

:-)... Again... Responsible use of credit, but if I were to fall on a financial hardship, you can bet I'd try to stockpile as much cash as possible, esp. if I ran out of savings.

THIS is probably the only time I'd do it... like I'm robbing them lol even though it's my ass haha. Basically financial armageddon type scenario it's good for.

lol i gotta admit if I had to I would do it to keep my minimum payments on my credit cards cause I rather rob peter to pay paul to keep my credit score alive, I rather skip a meal than miss a credit card payment now that I have good credit LOL

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