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Re: Upgrade to Surpass

CreditScholar wrote:

nenuco wrote:

I think AMEX has a strong entry level Hilton no AF card, which gets you access to discounted point redemptions with the AXON discount. In terms of a Hilton with an AF, I would go with the Citi Hilton Reserve. With that card you basically get the same rewards, but you can net a free night when spending $10,000 a year. Furhtermore it has a EMV chip, which you can use if you travel abroad. 

+1. The best combination for most people would be the no AF Amex plus the Citi Reserve. The only exception I can see to this is if someone spends a lot of nights in US Hiltons. Then the 12 points on the surpass vs 10 on the reserve may start to add up.

Thanks for the advise. I was mostly just looking at the upgrade for the 50k points. I may add another hhonors card, but I think the marriott card is a bit better. Check it out from the link in my signature.


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