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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Still with my butt planted in said garden with the amazing mini-quiches; my FICO has flatlined at 643 so it's a pretty good reminder not to get too excited about some things, though there was an improvement in the scores on, wait for it... Credit Karma! Cat Tongue


Been paying a lot more attention to other things in my life lately and that seems to have helped with the non-trivial itching that I had last month, pretty much just going to play with reported balances for the next few months as far as FICO goes for giggles and that's about it though I am hoping for a bump in Jan/Feb where a number of tradelines kick over the 1 year mark and the lion's share of my inquiries drop out of the scoring equation.


Still chasing the dream of a mortgage next summer/fall; till then or if the dream falls apart, hanging here.


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