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Re: I must resist! Tempted to try for Capital One Rewards....

Dustink wrote:

PleioneG wrote:

You're absolutely right and I appreciate the honesty. There is no real need for a new card other than raising our overall limit from 1800 to possible 2000 or more instead. But with proper gardening and time, I'm sure it will get there just through credit limit increases with the two store cards. I've heard great things about Amazon and Walmart.


I'll stick with my plan to not app anything until 2014. :smileyhappy: It's when one particular paid off baddie falls off and will definitely kick the credit score up a great deal.

If you are planning to wait until 2014, what is the problem with adding another INQ now? By the time you go to get more credit the INQ will have fallin off already anyways.


And imagine if PNC were to give you a card now. It will grow until 2014, and when the baddie falls off you will get an even larger CLI.

That's very true, but I just keep worrying that somehow they'll deny us due to the one bad I can think of. Either way, I will run it by the husband and we'll likely make an ultimate decision. It would be great of PNC gave us a card since we've been with them for years.

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