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Loving Gap and just got Silver

A few points. I has to spend a little more money on clothing for the winter and was able to upgrade to silver to enjoy these benefits:


  • FREE shipping on all online purchases7
  • 15% off Choose Your Own Sale Day offer8
  • FREE basic alterations on all Banana Republic purchases9
  • Exclusive toll-free Silver priority line
  • Silver-only offers and shopping events like Triple Points Days


Also it seems every month I get a new deal pushing me to use the Gap Visa outside the brands. Last month I got $25 in rewards for using my Visa 5 times outside of the brand. The new offering this month is from November 1st through December 31st everytime you use your Visa (outside the brands) you will get 200 bonus points--no caps. That means for every 5 swipes $10 in reward. Yes I'll be swiping away!! As it stands, I currently have $225 reward dollards on my account by taking advantage of these promos and using my Visa and also by shopping!! I've save so much. The Gap card gets such bad reviews, but I feel like I do well with this card!!

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