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Does AMEX really care where you used their cards?
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So I was browsing the forum's archives, and I came across a few people saying that AMEX monitors their cardholders and where they use their charge and credit cards. A poster (Can't remember the name) even said that AMEX doesn't like their cardmembers to used their charge cards in places like Walmart and supposedly canceled a member's card for that reason. Supposedly, they like to see their members use their cards for upper class reasons.


This all seem silly, and I am not even sure why I am bringing this up. But this is a forum where people can ask questions (as stupid as they may be) and get feedback. I am using my ZYNC for almost all my expenses, and even for silly things, like coffee. I don't care. They know I am a college student. I am not going to be using my card for travel or expensive hotels/dinning places as their super weathly cardmembers do. 


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