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Re: Does AMEX really care where you used their cards?

GoldenloveNY wrote:

So I was browsing the forum's archives, and I came across a few people saying that AMEX monitors their cardholders and where they use their charge and credit cards. A poster (Can't remember the name) even said that AMEX doesn't like their cardmembers to used their charge cards in places like Walmart and supposedly canceled a member's card for that reason. Supposedly, they like to see their members use their cards for upper class reasons.


This all seem silly, and I am not even sure why I am bringing this up. But this is a forum where people can ask questions (as stupid as they may be) and get feedback. I am using my ZYNC for almost all my expenses, and even for silly things, like coffee. I don't care. They know I am a college student. I am not going to be using my card for travel or expensive hotels/dinning places as their super weathly cardmembers do. 


AMEX cares about one thing.  You paying your bill. Pay in full keeps them very happy and paying over time is OK. Just do not take a long time to pay.  Do not pay and you will see how interested they become.