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Re: Does AMEX really care where you used their cards?
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Watchmann wrote:

Generally they don't care, BUT if you make a habit of using it heavily at liquor stores, strip clubs, lawyer fees, pawn shops and bail bondsmen types of establishments do not be surprised if you get flagged.  Be sensible, AMEX is the leader in AI in being able to sift and sort data to get an idea if you will end up paying your bill or not.

That one made me laugh. LOL. Thanks for all the responses. I know...I am using my charge card wisely (for everyday expenses). I don't charge large purchases, but I will typically run about 1-1.5K a month through my ZYNC. I paid AMEX last month a few days after my statement closed. My currect statment will close on Friday, and I will make a payment on Saturday. I am sure AMEX will be very please.....

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