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Re: I must resist! Tempted to try for Capital One Rewards....

I app'd with 0.4 AAoA, no baddies, and got it. I believe it's very easy to get. Not sure about the VISA though. I got the $39 AF CrapOne Cash Rewards.

CSP $5000, Chase Freedom Sig Visa $5000, United MileagePlus Sig Visa $5000, Capital One VentureOne Sig Visa $5000, Citi ThankYou Preferred Sig Visa $5000, Capital One Quick Silver MasterCard $4000, Amazon Store Card $3700, Citi Simplicity Visa $3000, Sallie Mae Mastercard $2000, Fidelity AMEX $2000, BCE AMEX $2000, Amazon Reward Visa $1800, Barclays Apple Visa $1700, Discover IT $1500, Suncoast FCU $1000, Target REDCard $300

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