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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

creditnocash wrote:

im not spending more then i can chew. but i almost feel bad now not pif if it ever came to that. 

i have enough to make everything 0 but thatll leave me with about 100 dollars in my checking account. 

all of my cards are 0 due because they are all new charges expect my zync which is due by the 15th. which i will pif even new charges. 

get paid every friday. 

should i let a couple balances report? and have more cash in checking? 

move over from savings? 


thoughts opinions? 


why do i feel bad leaving a balance? lol 

its not like i get charged interest unless i let it report 2 months in a row without pif. 

I let balances report on two of my cards, BoA and SDFCU, which are the cards I use daily.  BoA is on a 0% promotion, so I will let that report and take my time paying it.  SDFCU I usually pay in full, but I don't bother to catch it right before the statement because I use it every day and have been lately putting some large purchases on it.  My scores are barely effected by having these two cards report decent balances ($2500+ sometimes).  My creditors are not complaining.  I don't need any other cards at this point in time.  I would just let the your cards report.  If you see a drop in your score and want to apply for new credit soon, then just pay it off the next month before the statement.

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