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Re: Capital One Executive Office
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I emailed yesterday afternoon and got the exec call this morning.  Nice, helpful, upgraded my card and is processing the request for 10k to 15k limit.  Sweet.

When I talked to the exec rep, she upgraded me to the 1.5% cash rewards card with no A/F, and is processing (with a soft pull!) my request for the credit limit increase.  I already have a platinum rewards card and had asked in my email for a Cash Rewards Visa Signature.


I was so happy, it wasn't untilI hung up that I realized I never heard her say "Visa Signature".  Now I'm wondering if I actually got upgraded to the siggy card.  I looked online and it appears that the extra half percent rewards bonus only comes with the siggy cash card - plus the non-sig ones are for limits under 5k.  


My online account still says Platinum, but the answer regarding my CL increase is still pending.  What do y'all think?  Will I get my first Visa Signature card out of all of this?  I'll ask when she calls back with an answer on the CL.

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