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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012
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I just applied for Kohls charge today (approved for $300) and applied for Target RedCard (approved, but not sure how much due to computer shut down while app was processing. Then hubby comes home complaing about toothache, so then I had to apply for CareCredit and requested $2000 and got approved (I should have requested $3000...oh well, maybe I'll get a CLI down the road...$2000 should be enough to cover possible root canal for now...I hope). I was going to apply to local credit union, but since they do a HP to approve membership, I think I'll wait 3-6 months before applying for membership and their Visa. So with 3 apps and 3 approvals today, and $500 CLI on Cap1 Platinum yesterday (SP I believe), I'm in the garden for next 3-6 months.

In the Garden until May 2013

Starting Score: FICO: EQ 679 (11/12), TU 696 (11/12); FAKO: EQ 599 (3/11), TU 634 (5/10), EX 619 (5/10)
Current Score: FICO: EQ 691 (11/12), TU 716 (11/12); FAKO: EQ 640 (11/12), TU 659 (11/12), EX 659 (11/12)
Goal Score: 700+