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Amex hard limit reached.. Charge approved after how ??
Hello everyone so back in feb. I had a hard limit placed on my card for 3k... In the past 6 months I have been reaching that amount every month.. I have some auto pay things every month which I see that Amex always pushing through. So this statement ending on the 29th at 3249.64 that's $250 over my hard limit. Today I logged in an see that a charge went through for 1150.63.. I was shocked cus I have tried before to go over but it always denies me. Anyway I excited thinking maybe my hard limit was removed, but I just logged in and under my balance it still shows available credit 0... How did this charge get approved ??? The company I bought it from pushed the payment through.... Manually. But I have been getting alerts that they have been trying to push the payment for 3 weeks now but Amex is declined the charge cus it will go over my hard limit.. But what happened now how did the charge get approved ???