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Re: Q about Walmart Discover

the walmart card is managed through GECRB like everyone said. They have a license from discover network to use their logo on the Walmart Discover BUT the account is soley managed through GE. On my CR my sams discover shows up as  GECRB/SAMSDISC


Discover, I dont think looks at your credit report and says, "hey this person has a discover branded card... lets extend credit."  I do think they will see the tradeline and see the good history and see it as another positive account and base their decision on those factors and whatever other underwriting criteria they might have. I think the walmart card is a great card and GE is wonderful about CLI every 4 months and they have great 0% offers quite frequently. The real Discover is great as well. I like the quarterly 5% as well as shop discover where you can potentially earn up to 20% sometimes more on their bonus days.