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How to get a PC or CLI from Capital One
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It's no secret that getting additional credit, product changes, or pretty much anything beyond basic customer service from Capital One has been difficult.  Many of us have tried anything and everything only to be rebuffed, given contradictory information, bad advice, and odd responses from the customer service team.


There is a monster thread here in the credit card forum in which a bunch of us contacted various departments and executive parties at Capital One trying to get Product Changes or Credit Limit Increases.


After a successful attempt of my own, and reading about various successful and failed attempts by others, I have decided to share some easy steps that should point anyone else in the right direction.  This won't work for everyone, but did work for many of us.  Please feel free to add to this.



Best practice steps for Capital One satisfaction:


1.  Is your request reasonable?  Don't bother if your card is only in the first 6 months, if you have a very low score, or still have very low limits on all other cards.  This works best for long time customers stuck at the limit they got when their credit was much worse.


2.  Try customer service first.  Call the 800 number, or website chat and ask if you have any "offers".  Those looking for PC to rewards or no AF have reported great success with this.  You can also ask for a soft pull for CLI, but most people seem to get denied at this level.  You can also try the social team before the exec team if you want - that might work too.  You can reach them by posting on their facebook wall and they will email you back.


3.  If the above doesn't work, write a polite letter to the CEO via snail mail or email (google fu or pm someone here that has the address) explaining that you have tried to PC or CLI and were unable.  Explain why you want this, and ask if they can help you get in touch with a credit analyst or other party that can help you.  Be nice, clear, and firm.


5.  Answer the phone when your Exec rep calls.  Be prepared for a polite but all business conversation about your income, expenses, investment accounts, and credit history.  They will soft pull your file and may ask you to explain past derogs.  Also be prepared to explain why you want a higher limit.  I mentioned reimbursable business expenses, but you need your own reason when you call.


6.  Typically you will get an instant answer on rewards and annual fee requests, and a call back after 3 to 5 business days regarding credit limit increase requests.  They will normally post the new credit limit on your web portal at 9 am, and the rep call will come later in the day.  If you don't get a CLI, ask the exec rep why you were not eligible.  You might learn some great tips specific to your file, and identify what you should be focusing on to improve your chances.  Chase backdoor did this for me after a denial, and it was extremely helpful. 


7.  Don't call the exec line unsolicited.  These reps each have a list of customers who need a response after executive contact.  They handle each case personally and follow up on their list.  If you call without an open executive case, they may not be as enthusiastic about helping you.  If you call and are rude, or threatening to cancel, be prepared for rejection.  If you email or write you will be an open case, and the reps will work hard to satisfy your requests.  Don't be shy, ask for what you want.


8.  Don't share the name or phone number of your exec rep.  That will flood the call center and make it much harder for you and everyone else to get help.  If someone asks you for that information, point them to the steps above first.


If you follow these steps you have a GREAT chance of success.  It appears Capital One does care about your business and wants to satisfy you - but the low level reps just don't have the autonomy to get it done.  These steps will work for other credit card companies also - feel free to try them and report your success. 


Anyone else have ideas for improving these steps, or other tips, please post.


Good luck!



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