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Re: Newb with question about Walmart CLI

sunnysideup wrote:

When I applied for the Walmart CLI, I was honest about being a student and using household income (spouse).  I have only had the card about a month, and I have a $600 limit.  I am planning on using the card heavily for Christmas, and I am wondering if I have any chance of getting a CLI with the backdoor number.  What will they ask me?  Will they ask me about not having a job/being a student?  Will they ask me for household income?  Do I have to worry about them closing my account once a real person sees that I am a student with no job?  Also, will it hurt me to have a couple of other accounts with GE and deferred student loans? My score has taken a bit of a dive since I applied (due to other new accounts), and I am at 620 TU FICO (from Walmart).  I have already been denied on the automated line because of it being a newer account, but I have read here and elsewhere that people are still having luck getting CLI's. 

hello and welcome! walmart backdoor number will ask you for your income it is possible to get a increase. You will not have to worry about them closing your account especially if you are using the card and paying on time. I would suggest let your current cards grow. You wanting to app more just being a student is not a good idea.