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Re: Newb with question about Walmart CLI
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sunnysideup wrote:

Thanks.  So, you think it's a bad idea to ask for Walmart CLI?  I was planning on using it for Christmas, and PIF by spring.  All the other cards I was going to let season a little while longer.  I graduate in May. 

if its only a month old id personally wait. until decemeber and say you want to buy some electronics for the kids and take advantage of the 0percent deals.  

i apped in late july and asked for a cli in early october (3 months) and was denied by the system. due to being to new. 

i called and asked to talk to a rep/uw and they forwarded my request. 

i asked for 3k total to buy some tvs for the holiday season which i plan on doing just not too 3k maybe 2k max. 


i have no baddies only short aaoa due to so many new cards this summer. they soft pulled me and approved me next day. 

income stated was 27k (which is my personal income before my promotion and raise) 

my dti is 11% and util was 4% at time of asking. 

i was denied the same for american eagle that was actually less since i asked for 400 to 1k vs 800 to 3k. 

walmart score that month was 724


hope this helps. 

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