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Re: Newb with question about Walmart CLI

Oh yeah....I wasn't going to app for any more cards at all.  Just trying to let things settle for now.  But, $600 will not be enough for the stuff I am buying for Christmas - I need to buy some electronics and was going to take advantage of a coupon I found at my store which says "No interest if paid in full within 12 months on any purchase of $299 or more mad in-store on your Walmart credit card"  So, I was hoping to put my Christmas purchases on the card and then PIF in a few months, and then I won't have to pay interest.  Smiley Wink


I'm just wondering what my chances are - my scores are not as good at others, my util is probably not that great right now, and the card is new, but so many people have reported CLI's because of the holidays, that I was hoping this might work out.  It's not sounding too good - is it? I guess I can call and see.  The number I have is 8773794936.  Who do I ask for?