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Re: Newb with question about Walmart CLI

that's the number I used to get a $5,000 cli on my Wmt Discover earlier this week and a $6,000 cli on my Paypal MC today! haha  when they answer, just say very nicely that you'd like to inquire about a credit line increase on your "xx" account. They handle all GECRB accounts, except JCP.


I'd ask for $2,500. See if they counter. They actually have never countered any of my CLIs, EVER. They always approve them within five minutes, even when I had a 640 FICO.


Also, last year and the year before they did a promo where ANY purchase was with 0% for six months during the month of December.... that was an awesome deal!! I stocked up on a bunch of stuff with that deal... cleaning supplies, hygiene products, etc. HAHA :-)


good luck! Don't feel dumb for calling either! Just be confident!! Believe it or not, a thicker credit line will typically help your score.

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