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Re: 1st date... Whip out the Discover?
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pcw123 wrote:

When I was a law student (2003-2006), I hung out with a few older professionals who took turns paying for drinks/dinner.  I was always exceedingly impressed by their AMEX cards and the picture of financial health that the cards portrayed. I'm still impressed by credit cards.  It kind of conjures the image of someone obsessing over the visceral element of touching the card - a la Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

In the early 70's I was working in a tech area that had me frequently flying all over the country and sometimes outside on troubleshooting. Often, if it was an important customer the Sales/Marketing  VP would accompany.  Shortly after I had started working I'd gotten a BankAmericard. It had a 2k limit and I'd have to get hotels/airlines prepaid to not run over. So as not to  stress my CC too much (I liked having a buying buffer) I got an Amex Green for biz expenses. It was perfect since the biz always paid within a few days after I submitted an expense report.


Later, Amex offered to "upgrade" me to a Gold card. At the time the benefits were pretty ephemeral but it only cost $100/y and I billed the company for it since IK only used it for company business. Shortly after I noticed the VP looking enviously at my gold card.  A month later he sported one as well! Gotta love Amex marketing savvy. Gold cards were pretty rare back then and I did feel "special" whipping it out.  I was only 25 and stupid.  The glitter lost its luster and then I stopped using it since my biz travel dropped to near zero. I paid the subsequent AFs for a while but dropped it altogether in the early 80s in favor of zero af cards that had way more CL than I could ever imagine using.  Too bad though. It would be nice to have that on my AAoA now.



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