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Re: 1st date... Whip out the Discover?
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KingAdrock wrote:

cashnocredit wrote:

Take your date to Denny's then (try to) pay with a $25 coin.


You can actually buy a legal $25 US coin from the government mint but it will cost around $600. They are made of platinum, weigh about 1/4 oz, are roughly the same color and size as a quarter. Even though it is clearly, but in a tiny font, marked $25 US, in all likelihood the waiter will think you are trying to pull some sort of fast one so be prepared with regular cash or CC with a little extra tip for the hassle.  Guaranteed to make an impression on your date.


Though not, perhaps, the one you might want.



Nobody is going to settle a $25 debt with a $600 piece of platinum. That (somewhat annoyingly) is the point of the coins. It's the metal that's valuble, not the nominal face value.


However, I have entertained the thought of leaving an American Silver Eagle as a tip for an fancy dinner. Imagine the server's annoyance quickly turning to surprise and joy when they realize this $1 coin is actually worth over 30 bucks.

That I have done. Picked up some green monsters back when Ag was in the low teens.  If I get really good service I sometimes leave an ASE on top of the regular tip cautioning the waiter "Do Not Spend It."  I only did this when paying cash. No way will I do it anywhere they know my name,  Smiley Happy


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