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Re: How to get a PC or CLI from Capital One

Jutz wrote:

Thanks for the write up p-


Question.  Since many of us start with cap1 under less than ideal conditions, has there been success getting a CLI with scores still less than stellar, and negative items still present, albeit further out? For instance, I've hit my year, 7 months since credit steps auto CLI and I'd like to contact EO by email to make a request.  Do I stand a chance while still in the low 600's? I'd like to up my CL from 750 to 1500+ if possible. Though anything helps, and would be more than the LUV button would supply

Your scores are not too far off from mine, and I just got an increase on my $500 CL to $1000 CL. I would try it, you never know. I have not had any negatives on my report since my BK, and they met my minimum request. I also have another card with them with a $2500 CL (did not ask for a CLI on this card) that I push a lot through, but I was happy with the credit increase on my rebuilder card. I would send an email and just try. Worst case is they say they can't do anything for you, but I imagine they can. My rebuilder card was only about a year and a half old.Good luck!!

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