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Re: 1st date... Whip out the Discover?

Jutz wrote:

The only difference is Amex, people know about Amex.  If you pull out a CSP and an Amex Green, I'd bet my life that a person would be more intrigued by the Green.

I honestly had no idea what American Express was before this year when I applied for one. I actually thought Capital One owned them. My parents never had one when I was growing up, since the distributors they use do not take cards. When they did pull out their cards to pay, I was too focused on ripping open the packing material to notice what they pulled out. I really didn't know about any credit cards. I just knew Mastercard and Visa were the standard, and Discover was worthless.


I never really look at what other people use to pay either. Even if I did, there would have been no way for me to know what it was. I reckon the only American Express card that most people have heard of is the Centurion.