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Re: Discover More denied due to inquiries...but not so sad.

knj601 wrote:

Today, I decided to just give Discover a shot before I call off all credit applications for at least 6-9 months. Instantly denied due to inquiries. I called to recon and the CSR was friendly and informative. He basically said the only reason he could see that I was denied was the inquries (kind of figured , but I had the itch Smiley Sad ) I asked if there was anyone else who could take a look and explained the reasons for most of the inquiries that were not credit card related. (student loans, apartment hunting, and car loans)  It seems EVERYONE likes to pull TU for me. TU has about 15 inq (I KNOW!!) EQ & EX have maybe 3 each. He said he would forward it to a supervisor, and I should expect a response within 24-48 hours. I am not holding my breath on an approval, but it felt soooo good to get denied for inquiries and nothing else. I have worked hard on improving my credit and lowering my utilization. If it is a no go, I will wait at least 6 months and try again. I just wanted to share & thank the forum for all the advice that has helped me move forward. Now NO MORE APPS for me until I reapply for Discover!! 


BTW: I just got my mail and there is a preapproval for a Discover More card! First preapproval letter in years. Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds. lol.

only 15 inquaries and u were denied? I had 20 and most were from this year and i was approved. They hard pulled TU.... I'm awaiting my card in the mail to see if they pulled anyone else. sorry for your luck!


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