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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.
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I'm glad you've had a "moment of clarity" with your CC's and spending before it got any worse.  Many, many people don't have this moment until it is so out of control that it is beyond fixing without drastic life changing measures (like BK, home foreclosure, repos, etc.).  You aren't anywhere near that, fortunately, and can pull back in a fairly short amount of time provided you let this moment take hold and you stick to a plan. 


I've followed your sucesses, trials and tribulations on this forum since you joined.  I've been amazed at your candidness about the good and the bad, which is rare on an internet forum.  I've likely been one of those "oddballs" who criticized and warned you of the perils of the path that I saw you taking (having been there myself long ago).  Although it may have seemed that I was somewhat confrontive at times, I was honestly only trying to help you learn what I had to learn the hard way - maybe so you wouldn't have to go through the same thing.  


I think this thread might go a long way toward helping others as it seems that many who have read your thread and posted are in the process of having their own "moments of clarity".  Here's a few suggestions for your future posts that will not only help you, but could help others as well:


Stop talking about applying for new credit and CLI's because you aren't going to do either.

Start talking about your progress, i.e. balance reductions on your accounts, decreasing utilization, and increasing FICO scores. 

Stop placing time frames on when you are going to apply for new credit (i.e "I'm gardening for at least two years, or until January 2013 etc.).

Start looking at this as a one day at a time deal. 

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Start talking about the credit lines you are going to CLOSE because they aren't useful, you don't want them, or you don't need them.

Start to have PATIENCE.  It takes a while to pay a large debt off.


I wish you the best, LS.  You'll come out of this just fine. :smileyhappy:


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