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Re: Does Chase Blacklist?
Ok sooo, you can get American express still if your not doing that completely horrible it depends how horrible and only reason why Amex seems so picky is because they developed their own scoring model agent for their pulls when running reports to fit all their own criteria of what they find is good and bad they approve people with all different types of scores depending on the factors it's always about showing long term accountability with them in terms of payment history and on time !!Smiley Wink also if your score is somewhat reasonable: GO TO USAA bank get an app for a secured Amex no one else knows or offers it but for military use to their supporting mortgages they need to take out and always traveling they offer this at some high rates the open CR you have to keep and open is not the greatest and not collecting any much interest at end but who cares it opens Amex credit access if you are credit worthy and can throw In at least 250-300$ to it and stack up money into that line when you are approved and taken off the secured credit they can also transfer the amount that you put on the card as a backup to show against the line of credit they end up supplying you with on the unsecured card within no to little time after receiving your new line of credit Smiley Wink good luck I hope this helped.