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Re: Denied by US Bank due to Advanced Resolution Services decision?
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FYI - ARS is one of the CRAs that tracks applications. If you have multiple INQ's for CC's on your reports, it keeps track of these (even if they may no longer appear on your reports) Creditors mainly use ARS to score risk of fraud. That is one reason ARS tracks applications from addresses not just individuals.


According to info from another forum, certain credit profiles/behavior MAY be frowned upon by US Bank for premium products, such as: 1) you have more than 10 open major credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX) 2) you have more available credit than your annual HHI; 3) you have applied for more than 4 Visa/MC products in the past 13 months; 4) you have more than 5 high limit (15k +) credit cards; 5) you have more than 5 accounts under 24 months of age.


From my understanding, some of these things (which are tracked by ARS, and sold as a risk-management report to CCC's) reflect a PROFILE that COULD cause a denial, regardless of credit score. People on another forum reported getting denied with 790+ scores, due to ARS reports.

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