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PC - BankAmericard Privileges w/Cash Rewards
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I've got a garden variety BofA Visa card, had seen posts here and checked the website about their BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards...the one with the chip and sign as well as enhanced rewards.  Called about a month ago about a PC to this product, was told "yeah, no problem",CSR submitted the request, said it would be mailed out to me in a couple weeks. 


Now, a month later...still no card.  I called them today, concerned that the card had not yet arrived.  CSR I spoke to kept referring to the Cash Rewards card.  I asked him specifically if it was the Privileges card, he said "no, it's the Cash Rewards Signature Visa card, with Chip technology".  I asked him further about the Privileges card, he said he needed to double check on it, put me on hold, and came back to advise that, in order to get that specific card, one has to have ASSETS in excess of $50K invested either through BofA or Merrill Lynch, to get that card.  Otherwise, it was  a no go.  Not something that they could be flexible about. 


I didn't find anything in my searches here about asset requirements, and when I checked the website originally, didn't find anything either about asset requirements.  Just rechecked their Terms and Conditions as well as their website, still nothing found to indicate having to have $50K in assets with them.  Sounds like they are trying to make this into some sort of card similar to a AMEX Centurion or JP Morgan Palladium card.  Their website info puts it more in line with AMEX Gold or Platinum, Chase Sapphire Preferred or JP Morgan Select. 


Anyone actually able to get this card, with or without the requisite asset requirements?

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