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Re: Authorized User - Advice Needed

so 1900/6000 after your debts are paid off it would help a lot to remove it most likely, but at the sametime even if you do succeed in trying it probably won't be done within 30 days since you never know when the card companies will issue an update, if they just did you might have to wait longer than 30days.


only way to get it down for sure is by doing a rapid rescore, but that costs a lot and might as well pay your husbands debt down instead. Otherwise best option out there for your score is to drown your debt ratio with a much higher credit limit if you can find anyone with a  very high CL to add you guys as an AU would do the trick just nicely. that's the most ideal way but not always the easiest to find. People who don't know that AU is not a bad thing with very little to no risk, they think it's something tricky or etc cause it does sound too good to be true scenarios.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758