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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

You will get through it, LS! It was brave and helpful of you to post your situation. Just know that you're not alone. I'm in a similar situation as far as the amount of cc debt. I sobered up to my situation two years ago and now manage my accounts quite well but I'm still paying "stupid tax" as Dave Ramsey would say. My recent app spree has enabled me to do a couple of BTs @ 0% and that has helped. Luckily, in my foolish days, I didn't earn any negs on my cr, only high util. That's what saved me. LOL! I know once I pay them down/off, my score will get a nice bounce.


I know many others are in the same boat and it's a nice change to have a post like yours, showing the other side. I love seeing the approvals and I'm happy for those who post them but a thread like this is an eye opener for us all.


Keep the faith, you can and will do it! We have confidence in you!!!!




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