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Re: November Walmart Scores are UP!

crunching_numbers wrote:

creditnocash wrote:

Autumnslight wrote:

Up to 750. That just seems unbelievable. My TU score is SO much higher than EQ EX, it's insane!

although it may be true. remember that the walmart score is a tu08 while the ficos here are tu98


my tu08 score like stated above says 743 but here last time it was around 690. eq is steady as well. 


all my reports are essentialy the same except for inq's. all have same accounts all same age. 

The EQ FICO here is an EQ04, not an EQ98. However, the TU score from here IS a TU98. 

also good to note TU08 is more consumer friendly. isolated instances like 30 day late payment affect your credit reports less, charge off under $100 does not factor into your scores, authorized users have a lessened affect etc.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758