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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

I’m excited to finally be sporting a bronze spade.  I reached one month app-free on November 1st.  My last app was for the Amex Costco TE card on October 1st.  My internal score with Amex must be pretty good now as I received their best terms and did not receive my EX Fico score (boo!).  Really wish I lived in PA so I could join PSECU and get my EX Fico monthly.  I checked my two FICO scores here at MyFICO today and I am now officially in the “FICO high achievers” club (yayyyy!) as my EQ is 761 and my TU is 790.


I managed to get a SP CLI to $8,000 (an increase of $6,700) on my Cap One Plat Visa.  Yes, I know it’s Cap One, but it does have a decent interest rate of 12.14%, should I need it, that is.  I’ve had the card for almost 9 years and now that the credit limit is respectable, I’ll keep it around.


Looking forward to trying for a 3x CLI on my Amex Optima card later this month.  Trying to keep that in my mind while trying not to app for a Walmart card.  I don’t need a Walmart card, but it is so tempting to get that free TU Fico score every month.  Plus, I think they pull TU and I have no inquiries on TU and it’s virtually spotless except for 1 30-day late payment.


I must resist temptation!


FICOs: TU08 841 10/6/14 per Wally; TU98 800 4/8/14; EQ04 769 6/8/14; EQ08 800 11/8/14; EX 805 6/12/14 per MyFICO

My Wallet: Amex Gold NPSL; Amex Optima Platinum $25K; Amex Costco TE $15K; Amex BCE $12K; BofA Visa $10.1K; Cap1 Quicksilver Visa Sig $10K; CSP $28.2K; Chase Freedom $13K; Citi Double Cash $10K; Citi Simplicity Visa $15.1K; Discover IT $24K; Fidelity Amex $25K; PenFed Plat Rewards Visa Sig $20K; Sallie Mae WMC $12.5K; US Bank Cash+ Visa Sig $24.5K; Walmart Discover $10K; Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Sig $14K