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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Revelate wrote:

germaine47 wrote:

Well, why is it so hard to stay in the Garden?  I am going to give it the old college try and stay in the Garden until May 2013 and if Chase haven't auto CLI me then I will ask.  I will carefully take care of my little sprouts with care and deligence. Good Luck EveryOne. 

Generally people take an interest in making progress once they've decided to start fixing something, whether it be their credit report, or something like creating a credit card portfolio.  Gardening requires sitting on one's hands, which is tough for many people (myself included), and even worse, this forum is basically akin to someone trying to get sober while constantly sitting in bars.


It's not an easy road to walk being a member of this forum, and frequenting this board in particular, without seeing the glitter, glamour, and bright lights of the various approval threads and not be distracted; honestly I have complete respect for anyone who maintains an active membership on this forum and manages to stay "sober" in this metaphorical case. 


This was true for me for about the first year or so of reading here. Now that I've been around and read all the other sobering posts in addition to the approval posts, I've come to feel differently. There are many informative posts about various card's T&Cs that have made me realize a once shiny want card is no longer appealing to me. It also helps that I have doubled my credit lines (not saying much since I started so low but. . .) and am now coming to the conclusion that I do not have an endless source of money and the amount that will go on these cards is finite. Nothing scares me more than going back to where I started my journey with crushing CC debt.


I realized I don't like gift cards, travel or shopping as rewards and prefer straight cash back at a a 1:1 ratio. That narrows my choices considerably and keeps the app itch at bay. I guess my point is that the more I learn the better I become at making rational decisions and keeping my CC desires at a reasonable level for my lifestyle.