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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Well, less than 2 weeks from it and I didn't make it to the Gold Spade this month.....


The NFL $400  came up again and "got me" LOL  


I was still in debate mode since the last time I saw the offer and it closed.  When it was made available again I just couldn't resist.  I felt the $400 was worth leaving the garden and taking an INQ on my TU (which is where it hit), so TU is now at 6 (though it was at 5 at first when it reported).   At least 2 of said INQ's fall off in April of 2013 and 2 others I think are over a year old (I'd say I'm not doing TOO bad on INQ's... I hope).


Was at first denied (no email sent) when I applied,  then called and spoke with a CA and approved for 5K Signature\Flex after a couple questions.  I also think that was worth leaving the garden and taking the INQ for.


Being it's Barclays, I know I'll be getting my Gold Spade before applying for anything else (or risk losing the NFL card).  I'm just glad I was able to turn the INQ from "just an INQ" to an actual success of obtaining the card with the bonus.