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Re: Barclay CLD Q's
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idk people talk about barclays being AA happy. I can report to you that if that is true, it has not happened to me.


After opening my Barclaycard I applied for like 8 cards, got approved on 6 of them (Had AMEX Zync already).


During that time I asked for a CLI from Barlcays... they said no because of lack of history which I thought was reasonable (my cc history was thin while I had a 5 year auto loan history) ... a few months (2) later at the 6 month mark (keeping in mind at this time I had 5 credit cards and a handful of HPs) they gave me an increase to $2100. 


So I think honestly its a YMMV thing. I've been paying my cards on time, if anything they may be asking themselves how I can retain my sanity from paying down 6 different cards a month Smiley Happy but as long as the bills get paid on time... I have not had any AA so far. It has been 9-10 months with them... if anything hasn't happened yet I think they're comfortable with me Smiley Happy it took me awhile to get my mac, but before that I was charging 300-400 a month and PIF every month so they must have liked that.

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