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Re: Are Chase Card Services the nicest people ever?


They might be more so now Smiley LOL


Obviously the OP was not a Chase Card holder a few years back and also needed to speak with them at that time.  I'm sure there are people here that would have an entirely different opinion LOL  There was a time many card holders would have said "Chase stands for king of Balance Chasing".


I'm actually not shocked at a CLI with Chase for a card with a sub 5k limit, a bit more surprised there was no HP for the CLI.


Generally though, for other issues when one calls in, their CSR's are usually very personable yes.


Maybe they're improving because they've noticed Discover is eating their lunch!  Smiley LOL


Frankly however, I will admit, lately they're a bit better than AMEX amazingly enough (lately being the key word here).   Discover however is really setting a new bar for all of them from what I've experienced lately.  And I really never would have thought in that past that I'd say that, ever.