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12 Months with Barclays, still no auto CLI?
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I'm just wondering am I the only one here who doesn't seem to get auto CLIs from Barclay.  I have the Barclaycard Reward Mastercard which I opened a year ago.  I was hoping for a CLI at the 6 month mark. But when it didn't happen I never bothered to call and ask for one because I didn't want any unneeded inquiries on my report.  I had planned on buying a house (just closed last week on the 6th!) so I was being very mindful to avoid inquiries for any reason.  


When I first got the card last November, my FICOs were in the 650 range.  At the six month mark, they were in the 680 range, and now they're in the 690s, so close to breaking 700.  Since having this card, I have not apped for any additional credit except for my mortgage, so I've added three mortgage inquiries in the time I've had the card, bringing my total to 5 inquiries on TU.  I've taken great care of this account.  On average I charge about $450/mo on the card, and usually make two payments per month, always paying down to a $1.00 balance to day before the statement cuts so that $1.00 balance gets reported.


I just can't figure out why I haven't gotten an auto CLI at the 6 mo mark and again now that my 12th statement was cut last week?


Has anyone else experienced this with Barclay's?  Now that I closed on my mortgage, I can afford an inquiry on my report.  I'm tempted to call them and ask for a CLI, but I'm wondering if anyone has not gotten any auto CLIs in their first year with them. I have a $1000 limit with them, if I call I will probably ask for $3000.  I understand that my scores may not necessarily warrant a $3000 starting limit with anyone, however I feel that my first year account history with them has proven that I'm ready to handle a larger credit limit.


FYI, I also have a Cap 1 No Hassle card with a $1500 limit that I also let report with a $1.00 balance every month, an Open Sky secured CC with a $500 limit and a Cap 1 secured card with a $300 limit.  Both secured cards were opened in 2010 and have been sock drawered since getting the Barclay card.


I appreciate any suggestions.


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