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Re: Are Chase Card Services the nicest people ever?

Errin1 wrote:

I LOATHE CHASE BANK!  I cannot say enough bad things about them!  Balance chasing was the least of my issues with those lying bastards!  They bought out my former bank (I was Dime, which became WAMU) and started to treat me like crap. I closed my checking, savings, transferred my cds and closed one of my 2 CC with them. I am now safely planted at NavyFed and I LOVE IT!


The jerks finally sent me an email on Friday saying how concerned they are about us Sandy victims  Smiley Mad and they offered me a credit increase and lowered my APR 3 whole points....oh wow....what a treat, especially since they doubled my APR a few years ago FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!   Burn In Hell Chase!

No........because they hate me..........wont give me a card for nothing......Smiley Sad