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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred App Requires Further Review

mr_postman wrote:

i was approved a month ago with CSP with a score of 650 i think you will get approve for the card the onle only deal breaker i see is that you only one have one account that thas 5k limit how is you AAOA? and thin file? you only have 3 cards reporting. I think what helped me out is that i have other accounts with 20K limits Chase usually dont like to be the first to give you that big limit thay will try to match your higher limits considering CSP is a signature card requires a minimum of 5K. good luck is it a very nice card lots of compliment with the metal card

This and only other thing is Chase hates thin files, they like to see multiple accounts but your 3 cards should be enough.

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758